Outdoor/ Indoor Activities

We have following fun activities at our site:


• Anjaneri Hill • Ramshej Fort • Tringalwadi Fort • Harihar Fort • Dabhosa Waterfall • Vihigaon/ Ashoka Waterfall • Dugarwadi Waterfall • Sandhan Valley • Kohoj Fort • Visit Ghatghar Dam • Ratangad Trek • Kalsubai Trek• Bhandardara Camping • Alang Madan Kulang Trek • Astro Photography Bhandardara • Ghatghar Kokankada • Visit Wilson Dam • Boating At Bhandardara Lake


• Volleyball  • Cricket  • Archery, Dart game  • Card games  • Board games 
• Football  • Badminton  • Campfire & music  • Tug of war  • Lagori  • Carrom Board

Around the Campfire: 
Our guests enjoy hanging out around the campfire and consider it as one of the most memorable camping experiences at Ananta Ecotel.

Well, the options are endless but we recommend following as few options:

• Ghost stories  • Truth or Dare  • Singing/Antakshari/Dumb charades
• Dance around the fire  • Relax in hammock.


Adventure Sports

  • Rappelling near own waterfall*
  • Jungle trail @ Night
  • Treasure hunt*
  • Water sports. (Nearby Site kayak and canoeing)*
  • Archery in Jungle setup.*
  • Slake Line
  • Burma Bridge- Under Construction*
  • Zip Line- Under Construction*

Start with water sports activities which includes Learning Kayaking, River Raft Boating or just relax by swimming and body surfing life jackets will be given to all. Swimmers and Non Swimmers can enjoy water sports at Ananta Ecotel and all ages can participate. Life Jackets are compulsory for Swimmers and non-swimmers for all water sports activities. Our campsite is well hidden inside a beautiful jungle for sure you will have trouble finding it we have kept it that way. Ananta Ecovillage camping is a beautiful spot for landscape photography.


Star Gazing

  • Stargazing for Astronomy enthusiast.
  • Celestron Telesopes used.
  • Guided tour of planets.
  • Wilderness Survival techniques.
  • Information about Flora and Fauna.
  • Children Camp & related activities

Stargazing and Astronomy + Camping near Mumbai and Igatpuri is a unique experience combining adventure and convenience of being closer to Mumbai and Igatpuri. The lake brims with water throughout the year and is quite secluded place with forest cover.

The campsite near Khodala. This site comes into its own during the post-monsoon with an abundance of lush foliage. The best time to camp is in the winters, which extend from November to May, with night-time temperatures ranging from 12-15 degrees. That’s all the more reason to cosy up to our campfires. After the extended winter, summer lasts for just two months between April and May. Even then, the weather is a pleasant 18-20 degrees during the day, and the evenings are surprisingly chilly.

Ananta Ecotel provides premium weather-proof tents outfitted with comfortable carry mats that guarantee sound sleep and complete protection from moisture, insects, and other unsavoury bits of nature. Answering the call of nature, well, in nature doesn’t have to be embarrassing an inconvenient. We have dry toilets tents equipped with western commodes offering you privacy and hygienic sanitation.

We have world-class telescope for stargazing. You can traverse the universe with a click of a button. Our Astronomy guide has immense knowledge and is a Subject Matter Expert.



  • Band & Live Music*
  • Dance floor & DJ*
  • Rain Dance*
  • Cultural Entertainment*