Ananta is a sanskrit term meaning  endless/limitless/eternal/infinite………we at Ananta Ecotel evolve the human mind and challenge the physical realm through endurance and various training to look ……..beyond. Our corporate initiative Beyond Limits caters to requirements of – ‘the challenging corporate environment’. We bring new perspective and paradigm shift in individuals so that they can look beyond and create exponential growth for the organisation, teams and self. Beyond Limits caters to some of the following development programs :

  1. Skill development
  2. Leadership programs
  3. Team building
  4. Object training
  5.  Many more…..



A bucket of various types of activities are used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. Our team building exercises aim to expose and address interpersonal problems within the group and help them to accelerate.

Objectives :

• Problem Solving

• Collaboration

• Motivation

• Delegation

• Constructive Feedback     • Conflict Management     • Engaging and Working together



It is a fun filled musical gathering. Each participant will be provided with drums and percussion. Then guided by the facilitator, they begin with simple warm up exercises. Gradually, they all move towards rhythms that are more intricate and have various activities that bring them together as a group.




A customised sports day for employees to increase the Fun Quotient and provide a platform to showcase talent, collaborate and create team bonding. Sports are the best way to keep fit, learn work\life lessons and great way to destress yourself.

We can plan and customise it all as per space, theme, no of participants, etc. It would comprise of SPORTS, FUN ACTIVITIES & FITNESS CHALLENGE and can be planned for 2-4 hrs as per the need.

Sports – Mini Gully Cricket, Mini TT, Carrom, Blind Goal

Games\Activities – Caterpillar Race, Crazy Relay, Head Bang Relay, Rocket Singh, Sumo Wrestling

Fitness Challenge – Tug of war, Plank Challenge, Arm Wrestle, Devils circuit & much more.

Based on the combination of above activities, it can be performed in -indoor\outdoor\warehouse etc. and can help in building healthy & happy workplace culture.



Rod Bending is a personal breakthrough activity which generates lasting impressions and brings out learning that even the perceptually impossible is ‘Possible’! The activity also serves as a test of implementing their learning and redirects it to their daily lives. This activity proves to be a great realization to discover one’s true potential and helps set massive Goals in Life.




Walking as team on skis , this particular activity is highly engaging as  team get their act together by communicating , agreeing procedures , being prepared to accommodate one another and thinking of the team . This results in developing stronger teams , improved results , clear goal setting






The ‘Board Breaking Activity’ serves as a metaphor for breaking mega barriers. The experience emphasizes the importance of ‘effective strategies’ to achieve quantum goals. Participants not only break the ‘perceptually difficult board’ with bare hands but using the Power of Energy and Strategy experience breaking 4-5 boards!




Broken Glass Walk is used as a beautiful metaphor to understand ‘Fear’ as a great barrier which is evident and prominent in the mind of an average performing individual. The experience is used to understand fear and limiting perceptive barriers and break them with the power of the mind. Coupled with NLP techniques, the result of this experience is used to overcome performance related fears and limitations.






Fire Walk is a validation of a Transformed Mindset and tests participants on the Values of High Energy, Right Focus, Possibility Mindset, Quantum Leap Thinking, Courage, Commitment, Team Work, along with the Intention and Attitude to be the Best!!

When we Achieve the ‘Perceptually Impossible’, the Brain goes through a ‘Shift’ and when connected with the Right learning it brings a Transformation within seconds.



In this activity, teams collaborate and communicate to create an enormous interconnected multi-canvas artwork reflecting your team’s goals & Values.

Each canvas is small segment, which will make up the final Big Picture artwork. Teams collect brushes, paint, a diagram outlining their individual canvas and, a blank canvas. They then set about as a team to mix paints to create the right colours and paint their canvas. Soon into the exercise, teams realize that in order for the overall artwork to be successful, they need to cooperate with other teams rather than compete. By doing so, they take a “Big Picture” view instead of an individual team view to ensure that each canvas joins perfectly and the final result is a success.

In this activity, the importance of teamwork, cooperation and communication is reinforced through the process of painting an artistic masterpiece of truly epic proportions.



To provide a unique mystery solving experience that gets the team to enhance their problem solving skills and make their case in a highly competitive and time bound environment. This Crime Scene Investigation gets all participants to crack a detailed murder mystery. Imagine being in the middle of a ‘crime-scene’ –physically dusting off the area for possible fingerprints, interrogating evasive witnesses, profiling the victim & suspects, studying the minutest details of a forensic report – all this, and much more detective-work in order to solve the ‘crime’ under real-time deadlines in a highly competitive environment.



It is a high energy, interactive activity in which teams of men and women will move around the office in a competition with other teams. Clues provided in each leg guide you to the next location. Team members have to perform certain tasks on cracking the clue to get to their next location and receive a puzzle piece for each task completed. They must cover all “Pit Stops” to collect all the puzzle pieces that reveals the final treasure.

At the end of the activity all teams collaborate to make the final picture.






This is a social functioning event that lets you try paintingin a fun and casual ambience.

We not only help you create a beautiful painting but also de-stress your mind with this colourful environment.





It is an innovative team building activity that requires all individuals to be involved in strategy and project planning both while constructing the puppet and manipulating it. This helps in better teamwork, enhanced communication to make puppet carry out human actions.






Our program is designed to get employees

➢ Build better relationships at work

➢ Develop organic and open communication

➢ Increase positivity and

➢ Build more synergies between employees

There are several programs around Board Games. The programs are great fun also offer innate learnings on Life Skills, IQ and EQ.

Examples of some of our session themes –

Unlock the code – In this session, the participants are formed into teams and locked in a room. Together the participants as a team have to examine the elements around, solve puzzles and find clues to get out of the room.

Bazaar – In this session, we take back the participants to the 1900s. We recreate the traditional commodity market where people would gather at one place and trade. This session is a high on energy and fun session providing the participants a unique experience.

Deal maker – This session is all about making the right deal. The participants will have to make the right decisions, up their problem solving powers. Let’s see who can give an offer that the other can’t refuse.

Decision Making / Problem Solving – This program will require the players to plan out moves meticulously; players will go through stages where important decisions need to be taken based on dynamic circumstances like resources available, objectives and opponent game play, current scenario while planning for the future and so on. Games teach the significance of foresight and flexibility.

Games of Kings and Pharaos – This program will take participants to a completely different era where they will compete with one another over ancient games which has its base in the Indian Vedas or the Greek.